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 Official FantasyScape Client!!!

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PostSubject: Official FantasyScape Client!!!   Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:46 pm ?nkzzij42mmm
For ppl that hate the GodSword name download ?22nkwzy5t2t
and replace it in the Fantasy scape Client IPC\files . Applet_Sub1.Class
The Godswords are renamed to GreatSwords.

Donator Cape!
3 new godswords!
Exor's PlateBody!
Ninja Swords!
Whip New Look!
Dragon Long And Scimi New Looks!
Dh axe New Look!
Dragon Pickaxe!!!
White Whip!
Dragon Whip!
Vesta Long!
Ownage Wepon!
Dragon KiteShield!
Dragon Claws!!
Dragon Plate!
Green!Black!Gold Santa Hats!
Black/Iron Party Hats!
All Spirit Shields!
Even Easter carrots!

And Many Many More!!!

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Official FantasyScape Client!!!
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